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happy birthday
June 19, 2008, 9:51 am
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I am not sure of the day exactly but it was around the 19th, 20th of January that the blog was set up, so this is a six-month birthday and I want to give a few statistics. This blog came after the meeting of five people, including me. So far post are 41. This makes a frequency of 6.8 posts per month. The blog was announced in the MOO, emails were sent to the convenors of the 2 other MA’s of the film&media department so that more people come over from othar MA’s. Continue reading


The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum(1975) and the media

I am here referring to the Volker Schloendorff and Margarehthe von Trotta film and not the 1974 novelle by Heinrich Böll. Katharina, a woman that leads a quiet life, meets an anarchist -evidently linked to the Red Army Faction- and takes him to her house where they make love. After he escapes, her life is completely destroyed by the journalists and the police investigations.

Part of the New German Cinema of the 1960s, the film is the work of German filmmakers from the left who “challenged the Establishment history of the terrorist movement” (Hoerschelmann, 2001 : 86). I will not go into the theme of the imagined terrorism and the hysterical reaction of the state. I am more interested in the dualism ‘virgin-whore’ as that is represented in the film and the ideas of gender in general.

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bloggers unite for human rights

Today is the day of blogging for human rights and apart from reminding people that women are humans, I would like to urge people towards a campaign. It is the Amnesty International Campaign called Unsubscribe-me: Unite against Human Rights Abuse in the war of terror and

Right now all unsubscriber eyes are on the practice of waterboarding. President Bush says it is an acceptable ‘enhanced interrogation technique’

So far 32639 people have un-subscribed. Another issue is

The bill to extend pre-charge detention to 42 days will shortly go to a vote in the UK Parliament. Please make a difference by dropping your MP a line.

And in a very different tone, the 37th edition of the disability blog carnival. Enjoy!

the free outdoors-promanade performance

I went to the Wild Park at Moulsecomb last night and had a multi-sensory experience with the ‘Periplum with the World famous The Bell‘, which, for those who missed it, is repeated tonight. There is no way one person or small party of people, can have the same experience as another in this kind of event. Begginning with the way you reach the place the event takes place:

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Eat the eye, then lick the finger

Two signs of immense stupidity for today, one is the “world’s largest eye” and the other is the “finger lickin’ campaign”.

The later is apparently coming back, not that I noticed the first time, but this time I just could not ignore the huge poster ads on bus stops. while cycling by. That is from Falmer to Brighton and you can see there the impression of a chicken leg in a bloody backround. KFC, who did the ad, has a history of unethical treatment of animals and of cruelty when the Kentucky Fried Cruelty campaign launched some years ago, with Pamela Anderson as their animal rights activist and some lettuce over her bosom. I have difficulty in grasping the meaning of ethical in farming little birds who are captured and can’t fly, fed to death and then slaughtered and dismembered, their limbs sunk into pulp and fried. I really can’t locate where the ‘ethical’ could be placed in this chain of events, cause it seems to me that the problem in this process is not if the bird was happy during its life but the fact that you murder it.

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term paper show and tell II

Apropos Sam’s notion, here is my culture, experience and history paper

‘Squatting is more than just living’: Squatted Spaces of the UK Movement and, hopefully, others will follow. This paper is an approach to cultural history methods which, at least as far as I understood it in the short period I had the course, uses diverse sources of evidence, sources that may seem un-scientific since it formulates obscure research questions and is clearly interdisciplinary.

The tyranny of stereotypes
April 5, 2008, 4:29 pm
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There are two small girls in the park that my window faces, they are there every Saturday and they wear pink. Sometimes they are dressed alike, though not twins, but always with huge amounts of pink texture all over them. They play like crazy, they fall down, up and down the stairs, chasing the birds, they are fun to watch but the pink is disturbing. In the Guardian Family issue last Saturday(29.03.08), the front page says:’ Do you have a girl? Then read this’. I don’t have a girl(right now) but went on to read the article mostly as a media student. I was expecting something about how more clever girls are to boys and how they are over-achievers at school and some biology or genetics propaganda behind it. But not even close, not even that. ‘The tyranny of pink’ it was called, by Eleanor Bailey and its targeted to parents of little girls, whose world, apparently has inescapably turned pink.

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