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Control by giantinsect
May 11, 2008, 1:51 pm
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On Friday (9th May) I went to see Control at the Duke of York’s cinema in Brighton. I went with a keen movie-going friend of mine. My interest in the film was piqued by the fact that I’ve been impressed with some photography I’ve seen by the director Anton Corbijn. I’ve also seen one video by Anton Corbijn which I really liked. This was not a music video but rather an artistic video build around an interview with the alternative pop/rock icon Captain Beefheart. Anyway this was Anton Corbijn’s first feature film and is focussed on the short life of Ian Curtis, lead singer with the late seventies group Joy Division. Continue reading


thoughts on Mapplethorpe, censorship and the power of the erotic by aristea F
March 23, 2008, 10:29 pm
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Since there seems to be a holy(…) silence covering the blog lately, and intrigued by the unexpected popularity shown in statistics of the facebook posts (especially the first one), I decided to change course a bit and check on the alertness of those ‘in the middle of things’ and the others in the middle of term papers. I have been busy with the pornography issue lately and the long-lasting debate around censorship-obscenity between(but not exclusively) feminists. It’s a tricky one and I won’t post on the debate before I have gone through the term paper process. Nevertheless I want to talk about Robert Mapplethorpe. Continue reading