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Thoughts forever flowing in virtual space by meandomedar
June 1, 2008, 11:08 pm
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This post might be yet a bit more lyrical than analytical; however, as I have been pondering about it, this post shall become part of what I aim to think of today.

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the free outdoors-promanade performance by aristea F

I went to the Wild Park at Moulsecomb last night and had a multi-sensory experience with the ‘Periplum with the World famous The Bell‘, which, for those who missed it, is repeated tonight. There is no way one person or small party of people, can have the same experience as another in this kind of event. Begginning with the way you reach the place the event takes place:

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Face Recognition Systems by meandomedar

I am already wondering what this is going to look like when I fly home for a couple of weeks and aim to write more about this in a short while.

I will also skim the German news to see what their next measures towards a safer nation are.

Sleep well.

term paper show and tell II by aristea F

Apropos Sam’s notion, here is my culture, experience and history paper

‘Squatting is more than just living’: Squatted Spaces of the UK Movement and, hopefully, others will follow. This paper is an approach to cultural history methods which, at least as far as I understood it in the short period I had the course, uses diverse sources of evidence, sources that may seem un-scientific since it formulates obscure research questions and is clearly interdisciplinary.

Spacing by giantinsect
February 26, 2008, 6:45 pm
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With a title like “spacing” you might be expecting a deep considered piece, perhaps about the increasing atomisation of society or something.

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Virtual Fertility by meandomedar
February 1, 2008, 11:11 pm
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Lately, I have been receiving emails with attachments from friends. Or emails with weblinks to pages only to be entered with a password. They bear headlines like “Sandra is here!” or “More about Enya”, sent to a rather vast number of email addresses round the planet. It is proud parents talking of their newborns, their nights without sleep, endless bliss when the baby smiles, mixed with feelings of anxiety and hope. Most times, the pictures that are sent alongside those emails show the baby on its own, wrapped in warm blankets of all different colours, eyes tightly closed, fists just about sticking out from under the cover.

Thinking about the idea of ritual and the media naturalising themselves within society as the bearer of breaking news, it sometimes seems to me as though the senders of these emails and especially the images attached to them suggest a certain readyness within the recipient.

However, there also is a certain rupture in the middle of life, almost such as the “we interrupt this broadcast to bring you the breaking news…” The immediacy of the message sent out, the sudden closeness between the sender and the recipient is almost frightening, yet so unthinkably frightening that joy is the way to feel when looking at the infant snuggling into its covers. Yet, the closeness remains virtual as the baby might grow up hundreds of kilometres away from where the recipient resides. Life still goes on without the event of actually being close. Until the next “breaking news” arrive.

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