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October 23, 2011, 2:37 pm
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A podcast by giantinsect
February 9, 2008, 12:15 pm
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Today I have discovered podcasting. Okay, I have known it has existed for years but this is a personal discovery of the value of podcasting. It is not the same as if, for example, I’d discovered America.

It’s of value to me even though I am pod-less. Pod-lessness is becoming increasingly rare these days. So often now I see those little white earpieces worn by people on trains and buses. They are podded. “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” does rather spring to mind when I see them. In that movie of course people-like beings actually hatch out of pods.

Anyway, I have digressed. Although I’m pod-less I do have a computer with iTunes which means I can subscribe to podcasts and they will be automatically downloaded to my computer when they are released. On BBC Radio Three there is a great programme called “CD Review”. In that programme is a regular feature called “Building a Library” which goes out early on Saturday morning. Although I’m quite keen on building a library, taking, say the Jubilee library in Brighton as my model, I never get up early enough on Saturday morning to hear this feature.

Now they have started podcasting “Building a Library” and so today I’ve had it automatically downloaded to my computer. In preparation I’ve been sketching some drawings for my new library to be erected in my back garden. Rather surprisingly however the feature seems to consist of playing CDs and discussing their merits. I’m thinking perhaps this is because building a library is a substantial undertaking and maybe we need to be in the right mood for it before we begin.

Today we’ve had some extremely lovely Mozart chamber music and I think I’ll be getting the preferred CD. Something to listen to while sketching the plans for my library.

I want to be NOBODY by buzzlulu
February 4, 2008, 7:46 pm
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My mother always told me to aim for the sky, if I get to the ceiling or the rooftop I have achieved plenty. I often wondered what that meant until I got to the university for my undergraduate degree and met a lot of people from different background, some of them inspired me, some upset me but all in all, no matter what my experiences have been, I have mostly been grateful to walk where I have walked and seen what I have seen. Due to my experiences I have decided on my life time goal and this is to become nobody, I found out that nobody has the best of time, I have decided and made a list of why I want to be nobody;

Nobody is loyal

Nobody cares

Nobody understands

Nobody tells the truth

Nobody explains

Nobody loves

Nobody reads

Nobody laughs

Nobody encourages

Nobody supports

Nobody thinks

Nobody knows everything

Nobody has everything

Nobody creates allthings

Nobody motivates

Nobody tells the truth

Nobody is me.

Hello world! by sam
January 23, 2008, 1:17 am
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OK, so everyone will need to register on wordpress with a username, then one of the current administrators (at the moment aristea and I and now elif and lulu) can make you an administrator on this blog.

Then we can decide how to jazz it up a bit and get posting, I guess.

aristea: i went on and changed the terrible initial design, I put this neutral one temporarily, till we are all online.